Orchard Primary School

Our Aims & Values

Mission statement

The Orchard School mission is to build a firm foundation of faith for the pleasure of Allah (Our Creator) and to promote lifelong learning.

A school that:

  • sets high aspirations for all its learners
  • has Islamic and universal values at its heart
  • is a place where every child matters
  • is dedicated to the spiritual, academic and social development of its pupils
  • is committed to a rich curriculum and strong community partnerships.

Our aims and values

Our aim is to create a warm and caring atmosphere which is reflective of our ethos; wherein pupils can develop to their full potential.

We have high expectations of our pupils, not only in academic excellence but also in standards of behaviour, appearance and character, both inside and outside the school. We aim to equip our pupils with the skills to face the challenges of today’s changing world by encouraging communication, respect for others, personal growth and confidence at all levels.

Through the teaching and practice of Islam, in the light of the Qur’aan (Holy Book) and Sunnah (ways of the Prophet), we aim to help our pupils to develop a love for Allah (Our creator) and confidence in their identity as young British Muslim children.

We aim to maintain a close and strong collaboration between the school, parents and the wider community of all faiths and non-faith.

Our specific aims are to:

  • Ensure Orchard Primary School is a caring and respectful community where pupils, parents and staff feel welcome, safe and valued as individuals
  • Help every individual pupil to develop confidence, self-esteem, ambition and self-discipline
  • Teach all areas of the curriculum in a way that is inspiring, relevant, accessible and challenging for all pupils
  • Develop a positive and safe school environment where quality and attainment are valued
  • Ensure all pupils leave the school having acquired the skills they need to succeed in the next phase of their learning journey
  • Maintain professionalism and teamwork amongst staff
  • Encourage children to feel responsible for the school, community and the environment
  • Work in partnership with parents for the benefit of the pupils
  • Establish purposeful links with the wider community.