Orchard Primary School

Pupils Fasting

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Dear Parents,

The month of Ramadhan will be with us soon and we are aware that some pupils may intend to fast during this period.

If pupils do intend to fast, the office must be made aware of this as this will affect the number of lunches ordered for the lunchtime period during the day. Parents are reminded that the procedure for ordering a school meal is that meals must be booked online in advance. Therefore if you do not book a lunch and you do not provide a packed lunch the school will be unable to provide a meal at lunch time if the child decides to break his/her fast.

We have therefore recommended that if your child normally takes a free school meal or you pay for your child/children’s meal, that you provide a packed lunch instead as a backup for children who may decide to break their fast at lunchtime.

If your child intends to fast during this period please can you complete the Google form which was sent via text to all KS2 (Y3 to Y6 parents) & Year 2 as soon as possible. Please ensure this form is done separately for each sibling who intends to fast. If the form is not submitted by the 17th March 2023 we will assume your child is not fasting and will continue to have school meals or packed lunch as they would normally.

If there are any KS1 (Rec & Y1) children who intend to fast then please ensure you inform the admin office on the day and follow the same procedure as above.


Orchard Admin Team