Orchard Primary School

Positive Mental Health - Art Therapy at Orchard

Here at Orchard we know that positive mental health is just as important as physical health.

We are delighted to offer Art Therapy sessions to a small number of selected pupils, led by Sarah Goodall.

Here is some more information about this provision:


What is Art Therapy?

  • Art Therapy uses making art as a tool to think about difficult feelings
  • It can help you feel better about yourself and more confident to share these feelings
  • It reduces anxiety and stress and encourages positive personal development in social, educational, and emotional areas

You can talk to the therapist about difficult problems using your artwork

  • Your therapist is there to listen to you, to hear what you say and not to judge
  • Using art materials can be helpful to explore your feelings without always having to find the ‘right' words - which we can all find difficult at times


Art Therapy takes place in the same space and at the same time each week

  • The Art Therapy space is a trusting, safe, professional place to think about feelings and emotions that can be difficult to talk about:
  • - sad or difficult feelings about friendships
  • - worried about returning to school
  • - feel like no-one listens to you, or understands how you feel …
  • - anxious to be the best you can be …


Art Therapy is not Art Class

  • It is not about drawing well
  • The Artwork is kept in a safe, confidential place by the therapist – no-one sees it
  • Once the therapy sessions are all finished the artwork can be taken away by the student or, if preferred, looked after confidentially by the therapist
  • Aprons are always provided if needed

Art Psychotherapists are registered with professional bodies who regulate their practise


If your child has been selected for Art Therapy, Mrs Suleman (Deputy Head Teacher/SENCo) will contact you.