Orchard Primary School

Parents attending on-site assemblies

We are delighted that parents are now invited to attend our Friday Celebratory Assemblies, held on-site in the hall.

We know that space is extremely limited and ask for your cooperation in giving precedence to the parents of children whose class will be performing, only.

Taking of photographs /videos

We know this can be a contentious issue for some parents however the vast majority of schools have in place systems where photos and videos are not taken during performances. 

Under safeguarding regulations, we have a number of children who cannot be photographed and other parents who have specifically requested that their child is not photographed. This is their legal right which needs to be respected.

The issue is that we cannot control where photos or videos end up, e.g. they may be circulated on social media after being shared on WhatsApp and passed from one person to another. We also want children to see that human connection and interaction rather than a sea of devices.

We encourage parents to appreciate the live performance and the experience that it brings. We are very proud of our weekly Class Assembly performances and so we are kindly asking for your support with this matter for all our upcoming assemblies.

The staff members conducting the assembly and working in the hall also have the right not to filmed during their work practice.  We understand that some people may not be happy with this decision. Nevertheless, we are sure that you will agree that safeguarding needs to be our first priority for all.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

If we notice unauthorised filming going on, please note that staff members will ask you to cease straight away and will tell you to delete any filmed material/photographs immediately. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

We kindly ask that you work with us on this issue, in order to ensure our school remains a safe and happy environment for all.

JazakAllah and thank you