Orchard Primary School

Islamic Ethos

We are a Voluntary Aided Muslim Faith School with an Islamic Ethos. Children from all faiths or non-faith are welcome to learn at our school.

Orchard School is part of the Al – Risalah Education Trust

Mission Statement of the Trust - Excellence in education, values and community links

Our overall vision for Al-Risalah Trust schools is to establish ‘Islamic faith schools’ achieving excellence academically, spiritually, morally and socially. To ensure ALL children – those of faith and none – have access to an outstanding curriculum to achieve their full potential and develop as excellent role models and confident individuals who are ambitious and successful in their future lives.

At our schools pupils are offered an excellent curriculum provision and exemplary learning opportunities within a caring and safe Islamic environment. Pupils are treated with great respect and are at the heart of all our decision making process. They are instilled from the very beginning “passion for learning” and love for Allah and our beloved nabi sallaal Allahu alayhi wasallam.

In accordance with the teachings of Qur’aan, Sunnah and our pious elders, our schools provide strong emphasis on the character building of our pupils. Hence, the Schools have high expectations, not only academically, but also Islamically, behaviour wise and appearance both inside and outside of the School.

We undertake a wide range of activities to provide enriching opportunities to our pupils. Strong links with the local community are in place to ensure our pupils develop respect and consideration for others.