Orchard Primary School


Reception – September 2022 

National Offer Day

Parents who have applied for a reception place for September 2022 should now be receiving communication from your respective boroughs regarding offers. If you have applied online, then you will receive all information and outcomes via the online eadmissions portal.

Offers - if you have a received an offer for a place please can we encourage all parents to accept places as soon as possible. The deadline for accepting offers is 04/05/2022 and this has to be done online if you have applied online. Any offers not accepted by this date could be withdrawn.

If a family has moved address since making their child's application (and you have not informed your local authority of this) then you must complete an online change of address form on the Lambeth webpage and provide new proof of address documents as a matter of urgency.  The list of required documents can be seen on https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/proof-of-address-and-date-of-birth-documents

(For pupils out of borough please double check with your local authority for any changes that need to be submitted).

Once all offers have been accepted the school will be in contact with parents regarding an induction day which will take place in the summer term (details of this will follow during the summer term).

For those families who had our school as a preference to attend our school but have been unsuccessful in obtaining a space, we do sympathise and encourage you to take the offer which you may have received from the local authority at this stage so that your child has a place in a local school for September 2022.

Pupils who did not obtain a place will be added to our waiting list. Waiting list places will not be ready until after the 16/05/2022, so please contact the school office after this date to obtain list positions. If you have listed our school as a lower preference than the one offered then you will be required to complete a new CAF so that your child can be addedd to the waiting list. If you have not completed a SIF (Supplementary Information Form - see below for form), then the school admin team will be in contact to ask you to complete a form if you wish to remain on our waiting list.

If you do not wish your child to be on the waiting list then please kindly inform the school either by calling the school office or sending an email to the main admin inbox.

Admissions policy 2022-23

The agreed policy for the 2022-23: Admissions Policy 2022-23

In-year Applications

Please note that currently we do not have any spaces, but when spaces do become available we will offer a space to the next person on the waiting list working our way down.

In-Year application – In-Year Application Form

Supplementary Information Form (SIF) – Orchard School SIF

If you have applied to the school already your application will move up to the next year group automatically, so you do not need to apply again. If a space becomes available in any year group we will go down our waiting list to offer spaces and you will be contacted (please ensure contact details are always updated), so you do not need to contact the school every academic year.

If you have made a recent application to the school please allow at least two to three weeks before contacting the school regarding your position on the waiting list, as distance measurements are carried out by the Local Authority before the application is ranked.

Please ensure that if your address has changed that you inform the school office or complete the letter below and return it to the school office so that we can update our system. Evidence will be required to confirm your new address (accepted proofs are highlighted in the letter). Also if your contact numbers change please make sure the school is informed so that we can update our records.

Change of address: Address Update letter

Emailing forms

If you are sending your forms via email please send them to admissions@orchardprimaryschool.com

Moving forward, please do not send any forms to the main admin email inbox highlighted below.